Using Primo for both editing and viewing

Primo is great for editing and I understand it can deploy a static site,
but I was hoping to use Primo as a dynamic site, similar to Wordpress.
I think it would be great if Primo had a view mode.
That way editor can toggle into edit mode to make changes and the changes will be reflected in the view mode in real time, served by Primo and without having to deploy.

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Hey @mingfang :wave: Sounds like you’re mostly wanting to be able to preview your changes. It’s not documented, but you can preview any page by appending ‘?preview’ to it in the address bar (e.g.’).

As far as being server-side rendered so changes don’t have to be deployed - I agree it would remove some friction from getting updates live, but it would likely require a lot of complexity, you wouldn’t be able to manage multiple sites from a single server, and page performance would suffer. SSR is really an advantage for large sites with super frequent changes (and even then I think static can be better).

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Thanks for telling me about the preview option.
That’s very useful.

I was hoping to use Primo as a general app “server” and not as a static code generator.
That way I can replace my existing SPAs(not content/blogs but apps with business logic) with Primo.

Interesting. I wouldn’t recommend it for most web applications compared to something more robust like SvelteKit, but I have created a couple CRUD applications with it using Supabase. What kind of applications are you building?

In addition to CRUD apps, I want to build dashboards like this

I think if the output of Primo is actually a SvelteKit app, instead of a static site, then it will enable limitless capabilities.

Interesting idea! Integrating more closely with SvelteKit is on the roadmap.

Can I ask what makes Primo more attractive for an app like this as opposed to SvelteKit & VSCode? Considering there isn’t much content. Would it just be displaying information from other APIs, or content from the CMS? And would users be inputting information & need user accounts?

My hope is for Primo to compliment from existing frontend workflow.
I build and test individual Svelte components using “traditional” tools like VSCode.
Then I would use Primo to import those components and for page layout.
I think of Primo as the “last mile”; enabling a similar level of just in time customization that our business users have with their favorite tool, Excel.

Primo has the right combination of Wysiwyg editing of layout, copy, styles, fields, etc, and code editing.

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