Beta v3

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Breaking Changes

  • There was an extra div around content sections which has now been removed. It’s removal could affect site CSS targeting content sections.


  • Complete Svelte language support (thanks to Replit’s lang package)
  • Auto-complete field values
  • Auto-complete CSS variables
  • (Desktop) Offline support (libraries cached locally)
  • (Desktop) Duplicate site from a URL[image]


  • (Desktop) Hosts not saving consistently
  • Component Editor preview not accurately reflecting site styles (due to not having containing .section div)
  • Couldn’t see selected text in active line in code editor
  • Image Field description not saving if only field edited


  • Component library loads a lot faster
  • Themes load faster
  • Extra div removed from around content sections; makes it easier to style containing section from div containing content
  • Telemetry & generator tag